EV charging, wherever you roam

Why OK2Charge?

At OK2Charge, we’re on a quest to make this planet greener, cleaner and healthier, by making eco-friendly energy more accessible for electric vehicle (EV) travelers.We’re doing this by building a network of smart charging stations at thousands of destinations — bringing clean energy to the last mile of vacation travel.

Vacation Rental Specific Platform

First & only smart EV charger designed specifically for vacation rental property managers

Real Time Monitoring & Control

Management & Guest interface for everything from portfolio management to individual charger controls

Secure Resident/Guest Amenity

Only guests with active reservations credentials are able to charge, no unwanted public charging!

Property Management System Integration

Integration with leading property management platforms for seamless, automated control and management

Property Differentiator

Stand out from the competition and provide EV friendly vacation rentals increased bookings! 

New Income Stream

Turn an existing utility expense into a new automated and monetizable income stream

Flexible Payments & Activations

Activations and payments based on PMS integrations. Chargers can be set as a daily guest amenity or $/kWh. No App download required! 

Streamlined Installation Process

Don't worry if you have an electrician that you trust - we can work with them! Or, let us help find the perfect one for your needs. Installing a new EV charger has never been so easy; partner Qmerit makes setup fast and effortless through their partnership with our team.